The History of Seamless Aluminium Guttering

In the twentieth century, steel became a popular material for gutters because of its resistance to rotting and its strength. When aluminium became available for industrial uses, it became the popular choice for guttering because of its light weight and durability.

Seamless gutters originated in Canada and the USA in 1960. The invention of seamless aluminium guttering changed the situation completely. A machine was developed that held a roll of aluminium, called a gutter coil, at one end, and extrudes a formed gutter at the other end. Once the gutter has been formed it can be cut to any length desired and custom fit to the building, on site. This method of creating gutters without seams, makes the gutters stronger and leak proof. Seamless aluminium guttering comes in a range of colours, that have been painted and baked on to the metal when it was made.

Seamless aluminium guttering is custom fit to your home on site. NO SEAMS - NO LEAKS - LOW MAINTENANCE

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