Benefits of using aluminium and NOT plastic

Aluminium is environmentally friendly and sustainable and so makes an ideal material for numerous construction related products.

Aluminium is one of the most readily available and sustainable materials used in construction today. Extracted from bauxite, smelted into ingots, which can then be formed into almost any shape, makes aluminium an ideal material to use in numerous products and packing – from cans and cars to construction materials like gutters, fascias and soffits.

Aluminium’s benefits make it a modern, efficient and effective material for building and construction. Aluminium building products are made from alloys that are weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance over a very long lifetime.

The below graphic below demonstrates the various stages of producing and recycling aluminium.

Facts for why aluminium is environmentally friendly:-

* Aluminium can be infinitely recycled, losing less than 3% of its material properties during the recycling process.

* Recycling uses 95% less energy than the extraction process and 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

* 92-98% of aluminium from building demolition is recycled.

* A durable long lasting material that once it reaches the end of its very long useful life, can be recycled.

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