Why choose seamless aluminium guttering?

* The size, colour and design of this guttering are created to suit every customer’s individual needs and keeps with the style of the home.

* This is all done on site. Bridge Rainwater Solutions use on board gutter forming machines in their vans, which allows a roll of aluminium to form a continuing line of guttering which can be up to 40 metres in length. No seams - no leaks! The seamless guttering has no unsightly seams or joints which gives a much neater appearance and prevents any leaks from occurring, which can often happen with normal guttering.

* The aluminium coils are pre-painted with a tough, durable and long lasting paint finish which will require no re-painting in the future. Therefore making seamless aluminium guttering low maintenance and so more cost effective in the long run. Where plastic can break easily and can fade which leads to work having to be done often, aluminium won’t have any of these problems.

*Not only will this guttering keep your house dry, it is environmentally friendly and attractive unlike many other guttering systems.

*Bridge Rainwater Solutions are here to tailor your guttering to the environment you are in, this can involve adding attachments such as a leaf protection mesh for homes enclosed by trees. If you know anyone who has aluminium guttering, they will tell you how great the benefits are of having it instead of plastic guttering and how it is a superior, neat, cost effective and maintenance free option.

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