Gutter lining is a cost effective, durable alternative to traditional guttering.

Made to measure specifically to fit your guttering and installed by our highly qualified team of specialists

It provides a waterproof lining to existing gutters, eradicating the need for expensive, time      consuming and often disruptive structural work.

Gutter lining Systems can be used on any type of guttering, whether old or new.

The unique gutter lining system creates a fully waterproof ‘gutter within a gutter’ leaving the original gutter untouched. It is malleable enough to mould to any existing guttering and will tolerate temperature change and movement without cracking, leaking or splitting.


Bridge Rainwater Solutions manage gutter lining projects from start to finish and can guarantee minimal site/building disturbance regardless of the project size.


­Gutter Lining is a cost effective solution for any site as it works out cheaper than gutter replacement and causes less down time for sites due to the minimal disturbance and faster turnaround times. It is suitable for all commercial and industrial level sites/buildings regardless of size, the existing guttering, the roof design and the rainwater run-off system.

gutter lining - gutter within a gutter